The Photographer

Love shooting landscapes too.

I am a creative photographer and have been since the early ’90’s, the days of medium format cameras. While the medium has its charm, honestly today’s digital capture systems are so good and the workflow so refined that you are able to focus on the art itself, not the technology. Yes, you need to know proper exposure, lighting, posing, “developing”, cropping, printing. But learning is so much faster now; when I was learning I had to document all my frames to understand the relationships of aperture, shutter speed, and film speed/ISO on the exposure. Now you can simply view those properties anytime on the camera or your computer. I learned that under exposure can really saturate some things, and creating shadows added drama to the image. The ability to be experimental inexpensively has been wonderful for new photographers. To see more of my work, you can check out,, or

Some of my work

3 thoughts on “The Photographer

  1. Was your Dad Thomas Gordon Weathermon born in Long Beach, CA o/a July 26 and graduated L. B. Wilson High School???


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