The Technologist

Vince Weathermon has been in IT since around 1995, starting with a startup phone company, then moved on to several consulting firms specializing in networking and security, working into a nine year stint at Broadcom, and the past nine years at a major software company in Irvine. I’m currently a Sr. Director of Security and Compliance. More at

Before IT, Vince was in aerospace with McDonnell-Douglas Flight Test (9 years.) Got to work with crews of MD80, MD90, MD11, Stretch-80, T-45 Goshawk, and finally the C-17 first for birds at Edwards AFB. Good days.

Derivative 1, March 4, 2019
Derivative 1, March 8, 2015
I think around 2010. At a major software company in Irvine, CA (9 years and counting)
My Avatar in Technology based on self portrait in 2015 or so.
In the Broadcom Data Center, I think around 2007.
I’m the guy on the right; T-45 Flight Test, Patuxent River NAS, around 1988-89
I do tend to use high-tech gear for my portraiture. I like full control.

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